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Summer Events Near Tenleytown

National Mall in summer


Ready for summer in Washington, D.C.? You should be. Thanks in large part to the many summer festivals and events near Tenleytown, summer the best season of all here in the nation’s capital. Consider checking out these events. DC Jazz Festival, through June 19 The DC Jazz Festival runs until Sunday, June 19, and it […]

Fun Ideas for Father’s Day in Washington, D.C.


Father’s Day is the time for you to let Dad know how much you enjoy spending time with him. Gather the family to enjoy Father’s Day together with all that Tenleytown and the rest of Washington, D.C. has to offer. Geek Out at a Museum Washington, D.C. is home to some of the best museums in […]

Get a Sneak Peek of Tenley View Apartments in this Virtual Tour


Apartment hunting can be exhausting—but not at Tenley View. We created a video tour so you don’t have to go to Tenleytown to get a peek inside this brand new luxury apartment community. Here are some highlights: Plenty of Transportation Options: close to public transportation options including the DC Metro (Red Line) Beautiful Apartment Features: stainless steel high-efficiency appliances, LEED […]

Working from Home? Here are 5 Essential Items to Boost Your Productivity

items to boost productivity


Everyone dreams of working from home, and for good reason. Skipping the morning commute and doing the filing in your slippers sounds like paradise! There’s just one problem. As much as laboring in the place you live seems like the ideal situation, you still need a space that encourages productivity, cuts out distractions, and inspires […]

5 Zen Apartment Decor Ideas to Boost Peace and Tranquility

zen apartment decor


Spending your day hunched over a desk, squinting into the harsh light of a computer screen, and trying desperately to block out your colleagues’ erratic chatter takes a toll on your stress levels. Home should be a place to relax and unwind—and it all starts with your interior design. Consider redesigning your home with the […]

5 Kitchen Essentials Even Spartan Cooks Need

kitchen essentials


How often have you visited your folks and searched the fridge for leftovers? Whether you’re an aspiring chef or a novice just finding your way around the stove, it’s important to remember you’re only as good the tools you have. Struggling with blunt knives, shabby pans, and uncooperative stovetops is just going to hurt your […]

Discover Great Places to Study Close to American University in DC

american university dc


Whether you’re a freshman or a grad student at American University in DC, you know how important it is to establish your best study spot early on. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck in a less-than-ideal situation when American University finals roll around. We all have our own needs when it comes to studying. Some […]

8 Common Household Items You Shouldn’t Skimp On

household items


Americans cut corners in different areas, from dental visits to cable (hello, Netflix). This isn’t too concerning when we’re talking about Netflix, but when it comes to certain pieces of furniture, it is. For one thing, we’re far too comfortable with disposable furniture, which is bad for our environment and eventually, your wallet when you […]

9 Big Things You Should Find Out Before Signing a Lease

signing a lease


DC apartment hunting isn’t easy. You may start out excited and hopeful, but after a handful of on-site tours and dizzying Craigslist searches, you may start to feel exhausted. Before you know it, you’re signing a lease for a 6-floor walkup apartment without bathroom power outlets and with appliances from the 40s. Don’t give in […]

12 Gorgeous Photos to Help You Live Vicariously at Tenley View


If you’re looking for apartments around DC, and you haven’t checked out Tenleytown, you’re missing out! Not only is Tenleytown, DC a beautiful, walkable neighborhood with great restaurants and entertainment, it’s also home to Tenley View apartments. If you’ve had to deal with negligent landlords or managers in the past, rejoice—we offer 24-7 service and […]